Receive Cardano with Ledger Nano S problem

Hello, I send my Cardano coins from Bitladon to Yoroi which is connected with my Ledger Nano S, but on Yoroi a do not see any transactions and the total balance = 0. The ADA address is correct. Please can you tell me where is problem? Thanks.

P.S.: I tried to send a request via contact form, but my anwer still was not asked. I hope that my Cardano coins are not lost.

Sometimes exchanges delay transactions, but if it has happened you should be able to check it using the transaction ID.

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Please can you tell me what is transaction ID and where can I found it, because I only see the ADA address from my Yoroi

I haven’t used that exchange but all of them list your deposits, trades and withdrawals, Find this withdrawal on the exchange website and the transaction ID (or tx id or txid) will be there. Click on it and you should see the details.