Recover the 15 words wallet with 14 words

Still not able to access my wallet.

I have my seed phrase written down. All words that I have written down are BIP39 words. I migrated from a to Nami wallet back in January and had only created a wallet one time. I have the other seed phrase written down on a different sheet for adalite wallet so its not the common issue of having the wrong seed/wallet pair.

When I enter the seed phrase written down, I don’t think the checksum requirement is being met because it doesn’t let me proceed to the next stage in Nami and gives me errors when trying in ccVault and Adalite.

I have tried using a combination of functions in PySeedRecover and have been unsuccessful thus far.

Rewinding for a bit - I was trying to import my Nami wallet onto a new device. Somewhere in the process, my activity on the new device wiped my wallet from existing device (had no issue transacting before). I had Chrome (including extensions) synced between both devices so I think this was the cause. I’m wondering if I could roll back my computer to a previous date if the seed phrase data would somehow still be stored or if it stored locally somewhere. I believe there is a way to extract seed phrase locally for Metamask but have not seen any guides for Cardano wallet.

Looking for any tips here.

Very sorry!

I have put all ideas that I had (typos, different order, check against given stake addresses, check against blockfrost) into PySeedRecover.

Only if your computer did a backup or check point at a point, where the wallet was there.

You would want to find the history of the Chrome profile folder:
If the file history is enabled:

I know no wallet app that lets you extract the seed phrase after the fact. Some let you export the secrets in some other way (Daedalus has a secrets file that can be imported to a new Daedalus instance, ccvault has a JSON export, adalite also, but I don’t know if it is compatible). Won’t help anyway, as long as that Nami instance cannot be restored.

Is there a way to write the output of seedrecover to a text file?

Just redirect the output:

seedrecover -s 1 -o word1 ... word24 > phrases.txt

Progress and information are written to stderr, so that only the stake addresses with associated seed phrases go to the file.

I can’t even begin to thank you enough for writing this script and being so helpful.

After several days, I have been able to regain access to my wallet!!! I wrote down the word “lion” instead of “iron”. I was only able to figure this out thanks to your script. I ran 24 lines of code, each one using the -m command and looking for valid seeds with a replaced word in each position. I directed all prompts to one text file using “>>”. After executing the code, I cross referenced the stake addresses and about fell out of my chair when my stake address appeared on the list with the correct seed phrase. Totally in shock at the moment.


Thank you for letting us know!

I’m very happy that it helped!

Great outcome and it’s great to see people coming together to help. Congratulations.