Recovery checking

In Daedelus, is there a way of checking to see whether the recovery phrase is working?
To put my mind at ease. Thanks

You can delete the wallet and try to recover it. For standard wallets that would be a recommended way, actually:

  1. Create a wallet
  2. Write down mnemonics
  3. Save the receiving address
  4. Delete wallet
  5. Recover it from mnemonics
  6. Check that receiving address is the same

After this you may be sure your mnemonics are correct.

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Thank you Vantus.
Actually I want to verify my present mnemonics are absolutely correct on the wallet where I have my investment. (before I delete it)
How can I do that please?

Safest would be restoring on another computer, like a physical computer or a virtual machine. It’s okay to have the same wallet restored on multiple computers at the same time.

With your current setup, you can do this:

  1. Close Daedalus.
  2. Go to the %appdata% (Windows, type it in the address bar) or ~/Library/Application Support (Mac) directory.
  3. Rename the Daedalus directory to e.g. Daedalus.backup , this is your backup in case your 12 word phrase is not written down correctly.
  4. Start Daedalus, wait for it to sync. This will create a new Daedalus directory.
  5. Restore your wallet using the 12 word backup phrase.
  6. If the restore was successful, you can now safely delete Daedalus.backup.
  7. If unsuccessful, close Daedalus, then rename the Daedalus directory to e.g. Daedalus.failed.restore, then rename Daedalus.backup back to Daedalus. Start Daedalus, create a new wallet, send a small amount to it, delete this new wallet in Daedalus and restore it. If it works, send funds over to this new wallet. Be careful not to delete any of the Daedalus directories and files unless you have a working wallet that you have test-restored.

Thanks, Hayamoto, very useful
But since then I have a new problem:-
I created two test wallets and recovered them successfully but both minus their contents!
Does this mean I might lose all my ada investment on the updating of the software when I am called to perform the recovery?
This is not very reassuring!