Redelegating to new pool help

i tried to re-delegate to a new pool but when i refresh in the dashboard the new pool doesn’t show up.

Yoroi wallet? Did you go through the process where Yoroi asks your spending password after you’ve selected the new pool to delegate to?

Perhaps are sync issues, u can check the status of the stake address on

yes i put in my pw but still shows current pool and not new pool, and it is the Yoroi wallet.

WARNING: time on your computer does not match the server. This can cause unexpected results
Time difference:3 months
Synchronize time on your device to resolve this issue

But i have synchronize it. many times and the warning doesn’t chage.

Make sure you’ve installed any updates available for the wallet. Have you been charged a transaction fee for shifting stake pools?

i put the wallet on the Brave browser and everything worked out fine. I didn’t expect firefox to be the problem. thanks for the help.