Yoroi stakin

Can someon help me …ive been staking for a long time nad already receive a reward twice but after that its been 4 epoch already and the worst thing is i cant withdraw my balance…can someone help me thanks

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which pool have you been delegating?

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Im staking at bitpool

Im staking at bitpool…

i’m sorry, could you please tell me Pool Ticker?

The pool didn’t upgraded the servers → no blocks; please redelegate


Ahhh okey2x so if they upgrade their nodes or pool…everythings gonna be okey right .??

Its really a bad news sir…i cant even re delegate :pensive::pensive::pensive:

check my pool if u will want to re-delegate, if they will solve the issue on epoch X then your next rewards will be on epoch X + 2

PS: why you can’t redelegate?

It says that Out of range integral type attempted…

Is it okey to re delegate even though your stil delegated to a recebt pool .??wat i remember is its bot allowed right…you should de registter first b4 you can re delwgate to other pool

Well wats the name of your pool anyway sir…ill try to re delegate it .

It’s fine to redelegate, click on my user and u will find all infos :slight_smile:

Ahhh okey2x …thanks sir ill try

Same result sir. “.out of range integral type convertion attempted…” I dont know wat happen to the yoroi wallet today tsssk

Perhaps yoroi issues :frowning: have more patience or if u use a hardware wallet u can connect it on adalite.io

Im just a newbie in crypto actually thats why i dont mich have any idea whats the best waallet i should use hehe well maybe its part of my learning experience hehe

Ill just hope that they will fix it emmediately…and just wanna thank u sir for your effort and infos…ill make sure my next deposit would be in your pool…thanks

Much appreciated…god bless

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Also update your wallet firmware or to newest version of app. It usually fixes most of issues with withdrawals and delegetions. Alexd1985 is cool person and he uses part of income from his pool for donations on good purpose. Think kids shelter. He is also experienced user and helped me too with good advices in the past.

Yeah i already did …update my yoroi app but sadly i forgot my phrase after i update it and now i cant recover my wallet hehhe i think its charge to experience for me hehe

I just lost hundred plus ADA anyway​:relaxed::relaxed:

When u created wallet u had been tested of words from seed so u have to have it written down probably. Find your paper with notes and recover wallet. Without seed phrase, your ADA and other tokens in wallet are lost because u cannot recover private key without it.

It is 12 simple words that are used to generate your private key of wallet.