Reduce number of Out Peers


I am using cntools here. I managed to upgrade to 1.29.0.
I tried to add 14 custom peers in the where all of them closer to my pool and I have reduce Max Peer to . however after that I get 29 out peers connection which previously only 18. I tried to delete all entry in topology.json and restart the node but the outcome is same I got many connection. I also tried to reduce Max Peer parameter in

How can I reduce my number of peer connection yet I can add customs peers ?


MAX_PEERS=15                # Maximum number of peers to return on successful fetch (note that a single peer may include valency of up to 3)

set the MAX_PEERS= 1 or 2
comment the line

save the file, restart the node

Thanks @Alexd1985 it works.
However I my IN has loop from the same IP. Will it be a problem? In V1.27.0 no additional Private IP.


Should not be a problem, it will dissapear in time

I had to comment out all custom peers for max_peers to work properly. Just adding on.