Register a stakepool to


I have a weird problem registering my stakepool on
While paying for the featured program I’m able to add a pool logo using extended json metadata.

I can add all sort of text info using their suggested meta layout =>

Only adding the icon and logo won’t work.
The png image links work perfectly and are whiting the requirements for the platform:

Does anybody know how to tecle this?
I have already contacted the support team and am awaiting a response.


Both metadata are ok (green) on cexplorer when u check it?


Indeed, all green

This is part for the code I applied

    "info": {
        "url_png_icon_64x64": "",
        "url_png_logo": "",
        "social": {
            "telegram_handle": "colonystake"

I used the Extended metadata (web-rewrite)

When pressed update I see this

The text part is updating on the page (For example the social link)

Only the icon/logo aren’t showing. I see the default avatar

No idea what I’m doing wrong.
I also tested by replacing the image link with a link to another pool logo on Cexplorer
without success.

Thanks in advance for the help

Then probably the logo/image is not ok, or IDK… I used the “traditional” way

  • uploaded extended metadata file
  • added the url inside metadata (simple) file
  • submit a new certificate with the new metadata hash

Maybe there’s a human check for images in their procedure.
If it’s not updated in a couple of days I go for your method @Alexd1985

Thanks for the info.

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Hey, did you fix the problem ? My pool (LAPO) has the same issue and I can find many other pools that have the same problem, where the metadatas looks good.

Yeah, all works now. I can see my logo.
It just took some days before being approved by a moderator I guess.