Missing stakepool data

Hi everyone,
Today I finished setting up my stake pool. When I finished registration I wanted to check if my metadata is correct but I noticed that information like “Name”, “Ticker” and “Website” are missing. Is it a problem with .json file or I have to wait for the new epoch?

Also I noticed an exclamation mark next to my relay node. Can anyone tell me what does it mean?

Thanks :wink:

Can u share the metadata link?


Is it this?

Metadata.json url

And check ur relay port; should be open

Port 3002 is closed on


but I uploaded this data by this guide.

Use this link… (u must press raw before to copy the link)


I did use this raw format but it didn’t change anything. Also the hash code for metadata is the same.

yes, that was the issue. Thanks :smiley:

So, all good?
For metadata, try to switch the branche from main to master

Still problme with the metadata.

  • click on branch

  • switch the branch to master (click main, type master and click create branch master)
  • click on file and press raw (on the right side)
  • copy the URL and paste it somewhere, we will used later to register the pool
    make sure that the URL is less than 65 characters long
--metadata-url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rere-dnaw/m/main/vP.json \
--metadata-hash 136cda31bf9c130834a97e4b7799aa34046a0803731815faf0a64736f669b4fd \

When I register the stake pool my parameters look like this.

I had this issue with metadata till I changed the branche from main to master… try the same and after register again
Now I see that ur metadata si not exist anymore at that address

I changed main to master, but it didn’t help :confused: Also I changed the matadata file name because the url was too long.

--metadata-url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rere-dnaw/m/master/vP.json \
--metadata-hash 1a9dcf75d511edbcbde3f54c67142d5560c3c7892863df4731555f855b7be071 \

Try to edit exactly like mine (same format), just replase ur ticker, description,etc and save , click raw and try again

it didn’t help.

--metadata-url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rere-dnaw/a/master/vP.json \
--metadata-hash 1391a8f2425672e87eac2cb625541b8535ac011de34e075dae55214d0e90af77 \

Can this be related to something else than .json format? I will try to use some different details for the metadata.

also I’m not sure if this is relevant but when I try to calculate the fees for registration, the following error popup.

So I just adjust the fee and value to return.

No problem, I see ur pool is ok now on pooltool, for adapools it will need more time



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looks like time was a problem. Thanks a lot for your help and time :pray:

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