Registering Stake Pool

Hello, I am setting up my first stake pool and ran into some troubles. I am following through the CoinCashew guide and on step 11 “Register your stake address” everything seems work correctly (I sent the transaction and no errors) but shouldn’t my payment address be deducted the ~2 ADA (the 2 ADA keyDepoist + fees)? My payment address still shows 600 ADA and only the transaction where I initially deposited my ADA.

I ask because step 12 is failing with “StakeDelegationImpossibleDELEG” even though I am following all the steps. When I create the transaction it seems like I need to specify my balance after this transaction is complete: 600 - 500 (deposit fee) - fees. Maybe this number should reflect the 2 ADA plus fees from step 11 (eg ~597 ADA)? I have tried step #12 multiple times cutting and pasting from CoinCashew but I keep getting the “StakeDelegationImpossibleDELEG” error. I am guessing this error means that I am trying to create a transaction without the proper funds.

Am I right in thinking that the pledge we specify when creating the registration certificate just needs to be < the money left in our wallet after all the deposits and fees from setting up the pool?

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I was able to solve the problem and I will put the answer here so maybe this will help someone else.

I think the problem was that I was doing steps 11 and 12 (from CoinCashew) in 2 different ssh sessions. I completed step #11 and then closed the ssh session, reconnected later and completed step #12. The first transaction from step #11 (2 ADA + fees) was only being carried forward to step #12 (500 ADA + fees) when I completed both steps in the same ssh session.

For example if I did the steps in 2 ssh sessions:
Step 11) start wth 600 ADA - 2 ADA - fees = ~597 remaining
Step 12) start with 600 ADA.- 500 ADA - fees = ~99 remaining

If I completed both steps in 1 ssh session:
Step 11) start wth 600 ADA - 2 ADA - fees = ~597 remaining
Step 12) start with 597 ADA.- 500 ADA - fees = ~96 remaining

In both situations I did the exact same steps. Maybe the scripts I was executing from CoinCashew didn’t carry forward the previous transaction…I’m not sure.

I also skipped ahead and did step #14 (after searching through the forums) - method - but I don’t think this had any impact.