Relay and prod node stuck at slot: 23068966, blockNo: 5406748. HELP!


i created both servers, setup everything but both servers, producer and relay, stuck on that slot. i have deleted the db more than one time, it works until it get to that point again.

who can help?

appreciate it

Hi @artisoft does your server have enough harddisk space and memory? What are the specs?

8 gb and 64 gb

I would check available memory and hard disk drive. If those are fine try disabling tracemempool in config file and restart thr node. However 8 gb should normally be enough if no other memory intensive apps are running. Also make sure you are running latest version of the node: 1.26.2

Thank you @ADA4Good , I will try that, the current version i am running is 1.25, so maybe i have to upgrade

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What is the remote node address in the topology file of relays? The default one?

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Guys, I upgraded it to version 1.26.2 and it is not stuck any longer, but the data returned by querying the tip at mainnet is not matching the latest in cardano pool site. the epoch is matching, but the slot is a weird long number
cardano@ada-main:~$ cardano-cli query tip --mainnet
“epoch”: 267,
“hash”: “c713803dbff9d8e49f10db1e352ee2400d932b4a778ef8778c72dabea6c9f50f”,
“slot”: 30075749,
“block”: 5748896

What is wrong?


Are you fully sync?

The slot number here is absolute - on the explorer site the slot number is relative to the epoch. But the block number is the same on both places. So you are ok…