Relay node peer count

So my relay nodes are live and all syncing perfectly, but I have noticed they only show 2 live peers at a time (well, excluding the core node). I have seen/read up on the topologyupdater script to force more like 15-20 peers to be active with my relays, but honestly, I’d prefer to keep the server config more streamlined than by running a cron job that frankly introduces a level of risk if the input were to get corrupted etc. Is there a simpler/better way? Or is it just fine for my relay nodes to have just 2 public peers at any one time? Thanks for your help.

You don’t have to use a cron job to update your topololgy files. I do it once in awhile manually, when my associated pools in pooltool change. Your nodes are connected to nodes from IOG with valency 2, right…?

In order to create a better interconnection (and decentralization) for the network, your should increase your peer count.

Can you see transactions coming in? Does your mempool contain data?

You can either claim your pool on and look for buddies and update your topology accordingly, or put topologyupdater are you did on a cron. after three runs it will return new pairs.

I manually cherry picked a few of them after checkign they were actually live.

Different from what the topology updter say, it will take quite a few hours before someone adds you back so I would anyway initially start to look for buddies manually. I am SPEED on pooltool. Throw me an invite there and I’ll add you no problem.

EDIT, where do you see how many connections you have? I cannot seem to see this info on the prometheus metrics.

you can extract the connected peers
from cardano_node_BlockFetchDecision_peers_connectedPeers_int metrics in Prometheus

That metrics is missing for me. It looks like it doesn’t get created if some logs are not configured properly… haven’t checked any further…

Yes, I use valency of 2 for the IOHK pool FQDN. Thanks for the pointer on using this without cron, I guess no reason I can’t just run the topology updater manually when needed. My other issue is the parameters by default are nowhere near like my file structure, so I need to adapt its use to my specific configs. Just seems like there ought to be a more elegant way for interconnected peers to discover each other and update nodes. Like true P2P apps since oh, i don’t know, Napster in maybe year 2000. Sorry, yes, I’m old/crusty. Hans, thank you for the informed reply. best to you.

Are other Cardano_node metrics still present? Or none of them?

Yup, plenty of them, just that one is missing.

Did you ever get this figured out. Same issue here.

nope, and I’d be very happy if someone would find a solution!