Relay on Raspberry Pi and internet speed

I am thinking to setup relay on raspberry pi. I am just wondering will 8GB of ram be enough and if for how long? Also I have internet speed with 80Mb download and 10Mb upload. Is that enough ?
The relay will be at unique location for Cardano, as currently there is no any relays at that Geo location.

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not the best connection but you can try… should work

I just setup a quad core / 8 gig as a test and it works but your going to need swapfile for sure.

or u can set the TraceMempool to false and this way the node will use only ~4G of RAM… but u will not see TX processed anymore

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I will try it for sure. Does anybody know what internet speed is required?

min 10Mbit
recommended 100Mbit
keep me informed about your progress. I am interested :slight_smile:

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Is that for download or upload :slight_smile: ?

since there is a continuous communication between relay nodes and your core/blockproducer it is valid for both directions - up/download