Reminder: Get Ready for Tomorrow's Balance Snapshot

If you’re planning on participating in the upcoming Incentivized Testnet, you will need to take part in the balance snapshot happening tomorrow (November 29) at 12:00 noon UTC. More specifically, it’ll happen in Epoch: 159, Slot 6886, which is actually 11 seconds after 12:00PM. :wink:

To participate in the balance snapshot, all you’ll need to do is ensure that you are holding your ada in a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet at that time to be captured for use within the Incentivized Testnet.

Now, you may have a few other lingering questions about this testnet, so we’ve added an extensive FAQ section to our official Incentivized Testnet website. Be sure to check that out. We’ve also published a new video that addresses the top 5 questions we’ve seen in the community. Are you wondering how much ada you need to participate or whether you need to transfer your ada for this testnet? Then this video is right for you!

Following the snapshot, we’ll need a few days to take a look under the hood to make sure everything’s in working order. So relax and take a breath, and we’ll be back with more information after the weekend.