Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video

Any result from restoring all of your wallets?? Did you find something in one of your wallet? @frznfrg

I don’t know why people still fall for scams. Haven’t we seen enough of this already ? :thinking:


nothing…i tried all my ADA wallets…from Byron to shelley. This is originally a paper wallet. I missed the November snapshot and restored this only from 27 seed words paper wallet created on Jan 2018.

i did not fall into scams…my ADA was suddenly transferred to another wallet…do you have a Daedalus wallet?

Yes I do. Why do you ask ?

is it originally from Byron paper wallet 27 seed words. did you transfer it to shelley wallet?

I have been using hardwear wallet to store my funds.

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Seeds in your hot environment? That’s definitely not recommended. If funds are moved out of your wallet, it’s not your wallet, someone got access.

thanks man…learned my lesson the hard way…

another guy posted this recently…quite similar to my situation…

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this is the address that got my ADA…I think it was able to hack again another wallet…new ADA has been added…

Hi JP, again I am really sorry to hear about what happened to your fund. I just want to be cleared that it is still open network, run by some of the smartest developers on the planet but there’s always something that they can’t be in control: that is people’s freewill. They can put it on blacklist but scammers are like mushrooms after rain. They keep popping up and NEVER go away so the only thing that we can do is to educated ourselves not to fall for anything like this. I truly honor and humble with honest system but in reality we always have to take a moment to ask ourselves “what if?”.

Again, crypto or not crpto there’s ALWAYS scammers out there and they do what they do best and keep on inventing thew ways or techniques to get what they wanted.

Thank you for bringing this to community’s attention. What I have learned is that nobody giving you anything for nothing. It doesn’t make sense when "in order to get money you would have to send money (???)

Again, stay vigilance, be cautious and for help if you are not sure about anything.

Hello: Thanks for sharing. I know it was a very stupid mistake that I won’t repeat and hope others do not as well. It is unfortunate that in such a futuristic, open sourced and decentralized community, where the potential for individual and social freedoms is so wonderful, that we still need to be vigilant against the short-sightedness of these scammers. If they would consider putting their obvious talents into working with and improving the networks, I’m certain they (and all of us) would be much further ahead than by spending so much energy on trying to defraud it. It reminds me that I’m very “old”, inasmuch as i remember when it was appropriate to leave keys in vehicles in case someone needed to borrow it, or houses unlocked in case someone had an emergency and needed to use the phone (on the wall). I love the progress that is being made within the the crypto-currency and defi space, and technology in general, but the rest of our culture suffers as a distinct a social embarrassment. Just saying . . .

Hello. I got scammed too with the Youtube video. I reported it to the police and I informed Youtube and asked them to remove the video. I think Youtube removed it but it will be back on in a while I think. It is now over a week since I got scammed and I gave it some time to rest and think about it. In my opinion there should be a warning for everyone entering the cryptoworld. Before some criminal can try to get his hands on someone’s crypto that person needs to have an account on an exchange. You can not loose crypto without an account on an exchange, correct me if I am wrong. Eventually everybody is responsible for the things they do but a good warning would be great. I have an account on Bitvavo exchange, it is a Dutch exchange so I signed up there because I am Dutch! From the Netherlands. If I was warned during the sign up procede maybe I wasnt scammed. In my country there is a lot advertisement, warnings on tv about phising. That people try to get you bank account information and try to steal your money. In those commercials they tell you to never give your privat account infoemation to anyone. The bank never asks for that they say so when someone ask for it it is a scam!
It would be nice if the exchanges provide some information about these scams. I saw a youtube clip where Charles Hoskinson tells that Cardano never will sent money. And that it is all a scam. I regret it that I only saw that clip after I was scammed. He also said that we should use our brain and common sense. Thats very true. But somehow I got carried away and that cost me 9000 ADA. I will never know what would have happend if I was warned when I signed up at the exchange. What I try to tell: maybe the organisations like Cardano and all the others should communicate with the top 100 exchanges in the world and develop some scam-warning during sign-up. What do you think about that?
I also thought to write a letter to the top 100 exchanges myself and tell them about that idea. I mean, it is like you say: you could not take down everything. But take down some and make crypto rookies like myself more aware of the scam risks would make things a little safer in my opinion.


Some other address got my ADA. Maybe it is address from another scammer? Is it possible that it is the address from an external wallet? And that the scammer uses new external wallets once in a while if he scammed a certain ammount off ADA? I mean, if he scammed a couple of thousand ADA he can easily buy a new external wallet and with that a new address?

Hi @Paul_Holland ,

I am so sorry to hear your losses. Yes, the Cardano Foundation, IOHK team, Emurgo and the Cardano Community already tried their best to inform the scam stuff during the sign up of Daedalus/Yoroi walllet. And also try to take down scam youtube channel as much as they can.

The exchange needs to do that also (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, etc.)

Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

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I missed them too. Unfortunatly. It cost me 9000 ADA

Hello Lavan_A,

I will also reply if that is ok. I lost 9000 ADA on Youtube scam on march 14 2021. I was watching that sunday evening clips on Youtube and I saw in the list a livestream from cardano, from Charles Hoskinson. I clicked on that to see it. It was a stream in witch he told all about ADA and cardano. That stream was captured in a blue frame. In that frame was a link. I typed that link in my browser and I ended up in the scammers area. Off course I didnt know that by then! To me it looked as if I was on a website hosted by Cardano. It realy looked professional. It even had a chat function. I clicked that and chatted with the scammer. He called him self Senior support member. Because I am from the Netherlands my English is not that good. Some words on that site I did not understood completly. Thats why I used the chat function. On that site they pictured the following: if you sent ADA to a given address they sent the double ammount back to the address from where it came. I asked him why they give away free ADA. For promotional stuff and bla bla. Somehow that moment it sounded logical to me. It didnt pop up in my mind that this was a scam. I even remember being happy being on that very website at the right moment. So I sended 9000 ADA. I never got 1 back. They did not realy needed to convince me to sent my ADA to them. I never got any free ADA in the past. And I dont know any channel or user or ID that said they had free ADA. When I found out I was scammed I wasnt angry. I was more suprised how I could be so stupid. I went to the police and told them what happened, with screenshots and all. And I reported the scam video on Youtube. Later when I tried to visit that scam video again I saw it was removed by the uploader. Unfortunately I never saw a movie that there is a lot of scamming going on in the crypto world. No warning reached me. I learned the hard way. I allready bought some new ADA because I think I am still an early adaptor. I dont blame anyone, only myself for being brainless.

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Hoy Paul,

jammer om dat te horen. have a look at this documentary from Belgium from yesterday. scamming is not only in crypto but all over the place these days. probably criminals working from home also… never ever give away any financial details or codes to any website unless you are 100% sure you are talking to a legitimate website… if it sounds to good to be true, it must be a scam… Why would you need to send first and then get double back. if it doesn’t make sense , if you haven’t triple checked, don’t do it. Pano - Aflevering 7 (Seizoen 2021) | VRT NU

Hope ada works out for you…