Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video

Hello @andreassosilo

Do you have any numbers about that? Are the crypto exchanges doing enough to warn their customers not to become an easy scam victim?

Hi @Paul_Holland,

I use Binance, I don’t know about the other exchange. In Binance they have blogs that put awareness about scam. I think most of the exchange could still improve these stuffs, like what you suggest.

Another one…:

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]


some hours ago, when ADA price was dropping below 0.90 €, there also popped up a “live stream” of Charles which promoted a huge giveaway (send in at least 5000 ADA and receive the double amount back). The first thing that made me stop was that this so called “live stream” actually was a day old. I can’t find the scam video on YouTube anymore, but the promotion link was charles-gives . com. The website is still online.
On ICANN there is no info of the owner, but the domain was only recently created (on 2021-04-25 12:10:48 UTC) with an address in Island.
The website itself looks quite professional, it also features a photo of Charles and the Cardano logo. So there are probably some copyright infringements that may be addressed in order to stop such scammers?

have reported to youtube, and also website host provider where the web address in video refers to. it should be closed. It’s the same video the scammers are playing, so it’s not a new scam

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Found Annother one.

Scamer has you tube chanel
[link removed by @zyroxa]

And redirect uninformed people to his SIte
[link removed by @zyroxa]

Here’s another one! :frowning:

[link removed by @zyroxa]

With the supposed “giveaway link”…

[link removed by @zyroxa]

Avoid at all costs, and report if you can :blush:

Thanks for the report. I forwarded the link to the team to take the website down :slight_smile:


SCAM on YouTube happening right now on 5/8/21 2:50 AM (HST) or 12:50 PM UTC, the address was [link removed by @zyroxa] and youtube took it down but 1,226 people saw it. I almost got scammed! They say send 2500 or more ADA and they will send back twice the amount if you go to this address: [link removed by @zyroxa]

Many thanks, it was really difficult to find the initial topic to post to…I searched for 10 min in a total panic and thought others would pick it up and redirect once I posted it. Cheers!

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There are 4 Videos currently live on Youtube "is flash crash over what to do now cardano price prediction "

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

I just got scammed. -

the URL to the youtube video is [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

Details of the account are as follows

transaction id -

Is there anyway you can block this account ?

WELCOME TO THE FORUM @Aditya_Lodha :grinning:

I am extremely sorry to hear about your unfortunate loss.

Clicked on your link. Saw the common scam - For my account, I always see 1.?k - 3k people viewing “a live stream.”

I reported the channel to , Personally - with my personal name. I believe owns Youtube.

I should have copied the text to post here, just thought of that.

No matter what, please feel welcome. I have nothing to say to comfort you - I apologize.

Please do not post the links to the websites or streams if its a scam.

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Read this again! IMPORTANT

Once more, DO NOT FALL FOR A SCAM (Youtube, unofficial Daedalus/Yoroi wallet, Twitter, etc.)

  • “You DO NOT get something for NOTHING
  • “Use your COMMON SENSE
  • “If you give YOUR money to SOMEONE else, they WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK

Looks like the copy of the earlier Charle’s video ob youtube with the Get Parameter v=RD2B9OB7QBk

On Youtube running live… when I search for ADA or Cardano it comes up. Almost fell for it. Need to be blocked.

Hey CoinCowboy, Kudos, nice to see someone looking out for the community!

Wish I picked it up before I got scammed this morning:(

Sent all my ada, what a noob, the “live” youtube clip at 3am caught me with my pants down:(
Asume no way to ever get it back?

Sorry deeply sorry, but it’s lost. It’s still going on since Friday… Millions in ADA into wrong hands.

Makes me want to quit investing into the project.