Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video

I lost more than 10k ada. There is a one problem for new people in crypto like me. People search usually news in google browser (f.e. from last one hour) and difficult to find scam alert in this case. They know it. Youtube is the biggest problem, because everything what they do it is too late.

theres 2 scams right now broadcasting live on youtube. I kept flagging them (1 of them has been running for 3 hrs since I started flagging). youtube doesn’t seem to be doing much

[link deleted by @RobJF, best to limit the spread]

My first experience with this …glad I found this forum!

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Have reported already to YouTube but wanted to alert you guys here as well.

I uploaded a short video about scams… maybe will help


Please help me im from holland
I saw charles hoskinson live o youtube and then i send 5000 ada to this adress


There are no ada giveaway. You sent your ada to a scam. I am sorry.

What can i do now call the police

You could. However, do not get your hopes too high. This address could be operated from anywhere on this planet.

The ‘viewers’ are probably bots and the scammers are getting more sophisticated with their ability to appear ‘real’.

I am sorry for anyone’s loss, talking about it here and elsewhere will hopefully reduce the scammed

YouTube need to be better and sort this out, they are being paid for hosting these scam videos and the scammed might wish to group together and initiate a class action against YouTube

We all have individual responsibility to look after ourselves and our families, YouTube should be held to account for their part in this scandal :hot_face:

Recently when Charls hackinson was live on youtube this site was there in the description [link removed by @rdlrt] saying Cardano give away is this genuine site ?


SCAM! There is no giveaway!

Happy to see that no ADA were sent to that address.


I did big mistake I sent 10k ADA to below address when charles hackinson was live on FEB 19th and transaction shows as completed in my wallet…request you to please check


is there anyway you can please help me to get it back from this address “addr1qxwhkyx9wtrc076qfrh8gxvcelk6ckwe5xt8xe2cs5x60vkgjmcq68m03uuwwxy0ap97mva4cl5rrjkyucmssctj3vzqav8tmw”

I beg you please help me

You are the victim of a scam. There is and were never a giveaway from Charles.

Scammer live on YT [link deleted by @RobJF, better not to publicize these]
Please help me report!

Just stepped in a new Youtube Scam right now.
It shows a Livestream with Charles.
They provide a Link to a new Homepage, where you can send ADA and get 2x back.
I dont know if I should post the Link here. I dont want to send People to the Scam.

Please watch out.

Just report it, allways will be this kind of scams!

Already reported on Youtube.
Just want to report over here. Dont know how to warn the most people…