Requesting for pre-production tADA

I’m testing a pre-prod pool called tPool and really appreciate if you can delegate some tADA to it. I need atleast 1M staked ada.

You can also send it to my test wallet at:

Try requesting a delegation from the faucet

Yes I did that already but there’s limit.

The delegation faucet will delegate 1M tADA. This is what every pool owner on preview and preprod did.

Indeed, the delegation faucet will delegate 1M tADA to your preprod pool. This guide may assist you with the faucet.

I actually used the faucet online but only got 10k tAda each time. I thought I might get more if i have an API key. So i can use the api key in the post you just mentioned?

You are confusing “Receive test ADA” and “Receive pool delegation”. You can do both on that page. “Receive test ADA” will give you 10k tADA to your wallet. “Receive pool delegation” will give a delegation (of 1 million according to @georgem1976) to your pool.

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you can use the faucet to get 10k tADA every 24hours or so. There is also a delegation faucet, the delegation faucet will give you a delegation of 1Million tADA

Oh sorry I didn’t notice that on the dropdown selection. Hahaha.

Thanks for pointing that out.



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No worries!