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:round_pushpin: A week after the launch of the DeFi protocol, the Balancer was hacked, as a result of which the unknown withdrawn $ 500,000 in WETH tokens.

:round_pushpin: Analysts from Crypto Research concluded that Bitcoin is at the very beginning of the adoption path. They explain this by the fact that the current capitalization of the first cryptocurrency is 0.44% with a total volume of the target cryptocurrency market, according to researchers, at $ 212 trillion.

:round_pushpin: Zimbabwean authorities suspended the operation of all mobile payment systems in connection with the collapse of the national currency. Among them was the operator EcoCash, which accounts for 94% of all mobile cash transactions and with the help of which cryptocurrency purchases are most often paid.

:round_pushpin:Willy Wu presented his own model for predicting bitcoin prices.

:round_pushpin:Kyber Network announced the launch of the updated Katalyst protocol, which will support staking. The update will be activated on July 7th.

:round_pushpin:The Block drew attention to the fact that the correlation of the first cryptocurrency with the S&P 500 index after falling to almost zero in May returned to March levels.