Reset spending password!

hello there small qustion if you like to have a new spendingpassword isnt it eazier that whe have a box to click in the wallet like put in old spending then put in new,then repeat the new one confirm boemmmm done.or i am missing something??
thank u
viva la cardano&team& charles hoskinson​:v::v:

Hi @Salem,

Which wallet are you using? And do you know your old spending password?

hello there its not that i have a issue with my spending password i know mine it works just fine,its just a suggestion if you want to change it fast.thanks greetings from amsterdam👍

OK, in daedalus (that is why I asked which wallet you use) you can just change your spending password:



dank je wel top man
heb je de 24 woorden ook nodig,
voor de change geloof het wel toch??

graag gedaan :slight_smile:

Nope, niet nodig. 24 woorden heb je pas nodig als je dit wachtwoord niet meer weet/hebt. Dan moet je je hele wallet opnieuw aanmaken en je 24 woorden invoeren.

dank je wel voor je inzet en tijd

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