Restore Wallet bug and Connecting to network

Ran into the restore wallet bug again. Tried to restore wallet from Daedalus on Windows 10 using the key phrase and got stuck on the waiting indicator for a long time (> 30mins) long enough to compel me to restart Daedalus.

Last time I had this issue, upon restarting the application a few times the missing wallet eventually showed up again on its own.

However this time upon restarting Daedalus I got stuck (and am currently still stuck) on the dreaded “Connecting to network…” screen. its been about 30 mins so far.

I’m currently using version 1.0.3769. Hope the team can provide a fix soon. This project has huge future ahead.

Just an update - after an hour or so of waiting on the Connecting to network screen. My wallet has now loaded and everything is fine

Glad to hear that. We have improvements as a high priority. We started talking about a release date yesterday. We should be making an announcement soon.