Wallet is a nightmare [solved, it's not]

I am having endless trouble with restoring or even running the Deadelus wallet. The main problem is that I keep hitting the ‘Connecting to Network’ problem. I have restored one wallet - albeit it seems maybe the wrong one (hopefully…as my ADA were not there, but there were no transactions) - but then when I try to run it again it gets locked in the above.
This is the third time I’ve ran the software on different laptops and hit the same hanging issue. Is there anywhere else one can restore their wallet?
It’s a shame but I actually regret moving them off an exchange.

it sounds like you have interrupted the wallet restoration. If you close the Daedalus while wallet is restoring, or turn off the Internet or computer - your wallet gets either partially restored (so you don’t see transactions, cuz it interrupted before reading them from the chain), or you get connection problems.

When restoring a wallet - you need to wait until it appears in the Daedalus, and it usually takes few hours.

Daedalus works fine with zero problems for the majority of people.


Thank you for your response, maybe I was a little angry there. I reinstalled everything and it looks fine now. You can consider me a dumbass here!

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I am glad you got the wallet fixed. You can update the title of your post with the word (fixed) in parenthesis so when others see this post title they will know there is a post with a solution.

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