Restored Yoroi Wallet to Testnet, No Balance, No Transaction

Hello everyone

I just completed the process of restoring my Byron Yoroi wallet into the Shelly Testnet Wallet. All was proper re: addresses and checksum etc., and the window before wallet creation showed my Byron wallet with full proper balance, so I know it was seeing the blockchain snapshot properly.

The problem is, the new Testnet Yoroi wallet shows 0.0000 balance and 0 transactions. No error messages, simply nothing in it. It’s been nearly 45 minutes. Is it a waiting game?

My Byron wallet still has its full balance, fyi

Any suggestions, notions?


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Look at this message thread

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I had the same problem. It was frustrating, but finally everything worked, and all my Ada showed up. Just wait and try again. It will get fixed.

When you say try again do you mean to do anther restore wallet from the beginning?

Hey went back, poked around, reimputed my nemonic, and viola worked! Thanks for your help!