Rewards and growth

Hello everyone, I am new to this Cardano thing, crypto and delegating but as I read a lot of posts it concerns me to hear more and more about rewards and not getting them etc. Is not the growth of a group/company have or allowed to have hick ups and such along the way. Being there is so much competition in this market it strikes me as Cardano is doing everything possible to make delegates/shareholders and more the place to invest in. I believe the “rewards” will come and we can look back to see what we have accomplished with all people here.

I guess what I am saying is, we have to be a little patient as Cardano takes steps to capitalize on projects and more to help benefit decentralization of blockchain. “If you build it…” You know how the rest goes. Cheers!

Everyone gets rewards as long as you stake with a good pool. You intial (first) rewards won’t show up for 15-20 days on average. I know most beginners expect rewards after their first epoch but that isn’t how the system works. I stake with the SECUR pool who I have been very happy with. They share this graph with all their new people which is helpful IMG_20201107_153403_864