Rick of Digital Fortress Questions Leadership at Cardano Foundation

Respect to Rick for dealing with a difficult topic.
I do not have enough information to know if there is indeed a leadership problem at the Cardano Foundation but Rick’s arguments are common sense and compelling.
We all remember how much it hurt the community last time there were leadership issues at the foundation. If there is a leadership problem at the foundation it is better addressed sooner than later.

Yes, respect to Rick for bringing this up. Not that I’m saying this is what’s happening but there has never been a successful company in history has made it to the top without some kind of leadership issue(yes even APPL). Like so many others in the community I am more than excited and committed to how advanced our blueprint is. Addressing this sooner than later shows how well rounded we are in every department, even if it turns out to be coincidence, personality, opportunity, etc. Thank you again John and Rick.

Good incentive to bring this discussion
I also wrote my opinion
I saw Charles made video on this topic few hours ago and he mentioned some Telegram group
Somebody knows it?
Is it open to join?