How do I UN-stake my coins? Thank you

Hey @rower

What wallet are you using?


adalite to ledger nano ledger s


You could connect your Ledger via Yoroi and delete your staking key there. I think there is no option to undelegate your funds via

OK, I’ll try that. Thank you!


Actually, how do I get to yoroi?

Its a browser extension.

Download it here :

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Thank you for the information. Evidently my computer is having an issue or more likely it’s an operator error, I’ve downloaded the chrome extension, but it’s not opening. I’ll have to confer with my techno kids to figure this out. Thank you, again.

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U can use also mozilla firefox with yoroi extension


I wouldnt recommand to use Firefox when you also use a Ledger hardware wallet since there are some known issues with FF.

Ooo, thx! I didn’t knew it!

That’s the only way that I was able to connect, was on firefox. However, in yoroi I don’t see where the staking can be done or undone. ::unamused::

I haven’t delegated so far, could that be the reason that I’m not getting an option to un-stake?

Under Dashboard → total rewards → withdraw

You will be asked if you want to deregister the staking key : image


Thanks Fabian, I haven’t delegated yet. I assume that there is not an option to not stake after you have not intended to stake and want to just withdraw instead of going ahead and selecting a delegate?

Also, it appears that the pledges are more coins that I have. I’m assuming that 250.00k is two hundred fifty thousand?

Yes, but what pledge? What do u want to do more exactly?

I just want to get out of the staking.

U already have the process above; and u should know that u will still receive rewards 2 epochs after deregister the wallet… but why u want to undelegate? Do u want to change the pool or?