Same wallet at daedalus and cardano-cli?

Is it possible to have the same wallet running on cardano-cli and at a UI interface like yoroi or daedalus?
I already have a wallet running at cardano cli and i still have my private wallet on daedalus, Is that anyway to import my wallet from cardano-cli to daedalus or some how create a new wallet at daedalus and then importing it to cardano-cli. The point is finding a way to have the same wallet running on cardano-cli and UI.

For many a reason, you’d want to use a HW wallet (e.g. Ledger) when possible. Have a look at cardano-hw-cli. The more recent Tx envelops relates to Plutus invocations are not (yet) supported by cardano-hw-cli. Pool registration, native token, metadata is supported.

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I while ago I wanted the same and found an easy solution. It should be possible since given a seed phrase yoroi is able to derive all the key pairs associated and their associated addresses. One way of doing this is by importing all the necessary libraries to compute these steps. But this is quite cumbersome to do. Luckily someone else did this and used it in the CNTOOL library. That is, via this tool one can import the seed and generate a skey and vkey of that seed.

You can export the public key into any compatible wallet app. I would not enter your private key or seed phrase into any internet connected device especially if you are planning on using only one wallet. That said even in the centralized world it is better to keep things distributed. There is no reason to change that here so below would be my general recommendation for organizing wallet designations.

Exchange Wallet: Use this for trading. I do not know of any exchanges that support Cardano staking so if you have a lot of ADA that isn’t on the order books that is rather wasteful. Better to take it off the exchange and delegate to participate in the decentralization of the network.

Holdings Wallet: Use with a HW wallet like Trezor or Ledger and put the bulk of your ADA here. Delegate to a stake pool and keep the seed phrase and/or backups someplace safe offline. Adalite is great for this as you can use a live OS, VPN, private browser, and all sorts of other security layers depending on your needs.

Personal Wallet: Use this to participate in dapps, platforms, etc. You only need to fund enough ADA to get the project tokens, buy the NFT, pay transaction fees, etc. Yoroi is great for this as it’s easy to use.

Project Wallets: Use as many wallets as you need to facilitate minting, auctions, etc. Typically at least two. One for receiving ADA payments and one hidden wallet for processing whatever API you are exposing. Daedalus is best for this as you can have a fully synched relay node on your server for all project wallets and a segregated node for your CLI commands, PAB, etc. e.g. Tx/Rx nodes where the Daedalus relay is effectively “read-only” and used for additional scans and look-ups and you submit all mint, send, etc to the other node using the hidden wallet with RPC/IPC/whatever you want.

Yes, I am a little OCD …