Scam Squad - Catalyst

Dear Friends,

During a recent “Brief Update” on August 24th, 2021, Charles calls for a Scam Squad and mentions why Catalyst exists. The specific section as labeled in youtube begins with a focus on law enforcement and then incorporates other areas, bespoke software, or risk management, including auditing, and human protection. He mentions the creation of an education group or a group that can produce a corpus of evidence that can be used to assist in fraud and scam prevention.

There is an offer for additional funding for projects in Catalyst that are focused on educating, mitigating, and providing resources to reduce scams or to assist law enforcement in the effort to reduce scams. Matching funds up to $1M with additional support hopefully from Cardano Foundation and the hopes that this turs into a cross blockchain effort, for the entire crypto space.

All scams across all protocols and networks are threats to Cardano and I would like to investigate these options in more detail and see if there are other people interested in providing a comprehensive risk strategy for Cardano and the future of the entire cryptospace.

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Here’s an additional video.

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