Scammed by coinness trading platform

Folks, just would like to warn you about coinness trading platform. This is a scam! Scammers approach you via Telegram and offer your a good income by doing simple tasks. They engage you initially into a group chart in Telegram where you get tasks to implement. Most of the tasks are simply to subscribe for a youtube link send into group chart by so called “Receptionist”. For every sunscription you earn 5-20 USDT which are at the end of the working day paid to your wallet. But in between of those simple tasks you are offered to engage into special task which is an option to participate in coinness short term crypto deal by prepaid entry tickets. Such tasks come with a few options for prepaid amount and once you choose one you are redirected to so called “Tutor” who then navigates you to open an account by coinness platform where you implement the task choosen. But first tasks are with smaller prepaid amounts and scammers let you really earn in minute trading some amounts of profit and they even pay it into your wallet. But then you are promoted to VIP and later to SVIP groups and for simple tasks like subscrition of the youtube links you get paid 20-30 USDT for each implemented task. However the special task for prepaid orders/tickets gets already bigger with an amount to be prepaid. And Tutor does not tell you before you prepay that each task could consist of up to 4 orders to be implemented. And once you enter such a deal you can not leave it without implementing all orders of this task. And most important, that each order in such task is coming with progressively increasing amount to be prepaid. So you basically forced to pop up with more money as scammers say that you will be refunded only if you implement all orders in this task. This is a pure scamming!!! I’ve lost 8k!

  1. What has this to do with Cardano?
  2. Why would you believe such a thing?
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Oh … I thought this is a place where I could inrform others about the scam. If it is not, then I could delete this announcement.

Well, it is a Cardano forum. So, information on Cardano-specific scams and frauds is appreciated. Covering all kinds of them in all corners of cryptocurrencies would be a bit much.

But just let the post there. It will travel to the bottom of the post lists, anyway. No need for further work for anyone.

May be you could recommend me another place where I could place such warning? I just googled and found this forum. I want to warn as wide as possible public about this scam.

Well, if a user is smart enough to check before engaging, they will probably google something like “coinness legit”. The result of that is:

In my results, review sites such as Trustpilot and Product Hunt and the Google Play Store are top results there. You could write reviews on them. Maybe, they answer that it isn’t them, but scammers independent of them who just use their platform and they can do little against that … and that might even be the truth.

And it’s also a bit tilting at windmills. There are so many scams, frauds, Ponzi schemes, rug pulls, very risky “investments”, … in crypto that it is a (somehow unfulfilling) life’s work to warn about all of them.

Most crypto channels try to warn their users in much detail. For example, the welcome messages and regular reminders in the Cardano Telegram groups link to: With the very true rule of thumb: ”If it is looks too good to be true, it probably is”

Trying to raise general awareness that users should be very vigilant every single time someone offers them something strange, tries to add/guide them away to a new channel, sends them unsolicited direct/private messages, … is probably more promising than warnings for specific schemes, where every week a couple of new ones are invented. … although it’s surprisingly hard. Every day, we get reports that more or less lead to a disbelieving: “Why on earth did you trust that?!?”

I was really stupid to fall into this. I am an old man. I am not experienced on crypto things at all and would never try to engage myself in something like this. Thanks for your advice. May be I should delete this topic from here not to confuse your clients. Just let me know.

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