Scammed - Lost all our ADA

I was on YouTube and saw a live feed showing Mr. Hoskinson and there was a prominent Giveaway leading to the fake web site givecardano
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

I foolishly believed that this was legit and sent 10,500 ADA that my girlfriend and I have been accumulating out of our belief and support in the mission of Cardano. It took us a lot of time and money to save our ADA and now it is all gone! :frowning:

This is the scammer’s address that I sent the ADA to:

Hard lesson learnt! I hope others will see this post and avoid the fake site which is still up.


I’m sorry to hear that, could you please remove the links from your post?


ok, removed the links but is not useful to keep the fake site link so that others would know to avoid it?

Also, I am wondering, can’t Cardano freeze the scamming address on the blockchain or is this technically not possible?


Thank you for removing the link from your message. Posting the link is one more way to advertise the scam giveaway. Instead, you could put an image (where it does not look like the link). We do our best to report those scam websites and videos.

Best regards.


pffffff real i feel for you both,
but did you not realy followed mr charles hoskinson @ all he gave a very good video about scams&giveaways whe never give away free ada
sad sad story😞


Feel your pain. I fell for the same fucking scam Saturday morning. Caught me in a moment of greed and stupidity and I feel terrible. Crypto newbie and I’ve always been the type to learn lessons the hard way! OUCH.


Sorry for your lost. Have you report youtube about this scammed video?

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Free money giveaway. That doesn’t sound ridiculous to you?

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I’m so sorry.


Thanks… Yes I did report it to YouTube and I noticed later that the video link was no longer active, but today I saw 3 different instances of the same video and a link to a new site the scammers created. I flagged them so hopefully YouTube will take action.


I fell for one in BTC where I lost all mine too.
I know how u feelings right now.
I have reported one last Sunday to YouTube and posted in Twitter.

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while our wallet is our full responsibility.
i also partly blame youtube from keep approving those ads video

i feel sorry for you and your gf


I’m sorry to hear about what happened.

There been many many warnings about the scams and it’s not just the elderly to get scammed out of some Social Security or tens of thousands of dollars.

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I got scammed 2 days ago. Very odd behaviour from me I’m normally well clued up when it comes to online scams. It must be sheer greed that pulled wool over my eyes.

Anyway I lost just over $8k worth more now.
As I thought I was watching a live feed from Charles from the official channel as it had over 14k viewers.

The address was: addr1q888cmrqjr83t2g3d0crl34ur9r9xlqqpj5jdnnn9779jl6nnxwux85x43pdxktg4jzj5dx5czxcayxtk80qrjnd9xgqdvr095

Im sure they are using a new wallet now but if you look ( they made over a million dollars this is no joke.

I reported it several time but they have live feeds popping up all the time. I just wish it didn’t appear on my recommended page :frowning:

Anyway, I thought I’d post in case it helps anyone.


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Sadly true, more than a million dollars in stolen currencies. Hope that will be enough for law enforcement to get serious. On the bright side, most scammers aren’t hackers, they’re not that good to stay stealthy…


It’s always sad to hear of people losing money to scammers. Giveaways are indeed usually too good to be true.


Never send your ADA to any address or person you do not know enough and trust. Treat your ADA the same as you would treat your local currency.


Saw after I got scammed!


I saw a bunch of these youtube scams over the weekend during the Elon Musk SNL espisode… It was a doge coin scam with a re-run video playing of some Elon interviews surrounded with propaganda for the scam… eg. Send Doge Coin to wallet xx and Elon will double it and send it back to you.

Youtube are terrible for stopping this… countless crypto/stock youtubers have scammers changing their names and logos and trying to scam in the comments.

Sorry you were burnt by this. You’ve obviously learnt a hard lesson. :frowning:

Edit: Seems like they’ve done away with ₳253.17k. Talk about lucrative!