Seeking developer(s) to collaborate with in a "market-driven, government branch supported and initiated by key players" project

Hello Cardano Foundation!

As our subject has stated above, this project seeks (a) developer(s) to collaborate with. Due to the nature of people involved, certain milestones needs to be achieved to maintain their support.

Please feel free to request in-depth information and we will gladly private message details regarding this project.

Thank you for your time and stay safe!

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The Team

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For further information to the Cardano Foundation community, we have just attached the business model visualization we seek to implement. There are further TOR documents which we will share for those interested in collaborating. Please do take note, our knowledge of Cardano’s blockchain are still limited and at a novice level.

This business model has already attracted attention of the people we have mentioned in our subject above. Market interest is real, support by the government branch is real and key players (decision influencers) are already on board. What we are lacking are Cardano blockchain developers, while initial funding we seek from the Project Catalyst, further funding we seek from the targeted investors.

Visualization Business Model.pdf (908.1 KB)

A lot of ethical questions in this project !

First reading even if it is an example only that an investor can own 50% of the rights is a joke. It should never be more than 25%

Then by nature the artist is free and indépendant. He does not create on order.
He more needs universal income to cover it’s basic needs and freely use his/her time for création rather than a marketplace where he will give 50% of its création and added value to investors / speculators.

This project is an offense to the philosophy and the essence of artists.

Rather say that you try to create an infography studio without hiring infographists. It is an art factory where you do not pay your employees and ask creators to give 50% of their création value to speculators


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Hello Christ46!

Thank you soo much for your opinion and criticism, it is highly appreciated and awaited for. The number’s involved are purely examples, it is not a fix parameter. It is merely to show the concept we seek to achieve. The final numbers will always be an independent and fair discussion between all parties involved.

The initial spirit of this proposal was to give a proper share of the economic value of an artwork to the artist and curators. Through this business model we seek to eliminate the worries of artist and curators in finding steady income therefore enabling them to focus 100% on artwork creation.

Through this business model we also seek to answer the financial responsibilities and goals towards the community for lending/giving funds to this project by providing a project that is committed in reaching ROI, providing economic livelihood for those involved and striving to reach mass adoption of Cardano.

Hopefully I haven’t offended you too much therefore putting you off from this project but my initial proposal and team involved can be found in Project Catalyst under the name Yan Tirta. I can guarantee you 100% the team involved are reputable individuals in the art industry, crypto industry and business industry. We are 100% open to any form of background check.

Best regards,

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I will take time to read the project details because anyway it is interesting if it is well managed and in the interest of the artists and their curator.
We see too often artists starving, their curator getting neither nothing and speculators that buy everything at a low price when he is alive, then organising expo and tv shows after his death and claiming this guy was genius and making insane added value of the post mortem marketing and hype they create to sell at a high price what they bought too cheap.

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To assist you in reading the initial proposal I have attached it below. Do take note that it was dissected fully by the current blockchain developer I’m in discussions with. He’s actually perfect for this project for he is ethical, highly knowledgeable but unfortunately seems to be extremely busy. Hence my seek for a blockchain developer in this forum.

Personally I manage 5 emerging artist and have a relative that is a curator for a major gallery in my country. So art, for me is close to the heart. That’s why this proposal exist. I see patterns in the art industry, and I strongly believe it can become a fair and circular economy through blockchain technology. Yes I’m coming from a business perspective but a healthy one.

I do hear stories of the tragic situations you mentioned above, I do know personally a famous artist in my country that is now living miserably and I believe it boils down, as you mentioned, to speculators. Not a true robust art economy. Again, I strongly believe blockchain can create that.

This proposal will not brand itself as democratization of art, for democratization I believe will happen naturally if there is a robust, circular and fair art economy. A strategic economic standpoint for this proposal is to become the bridge between “the old guard” and “technological democratization.” Blockchain, technology, millennials and zillennials we believe are the future.

Christ46, If you personally know a blockchain developer that is of the same mindset and have time for a project, please do send them my way. It would be highly appreciated.

Ori_Project Catalyst Proposal - Tokenization of the Art Industry.pdf (426.8 KB)

Best regards,


Again, thank you for taking time to reply, reading and just having an interest in this project. Please do continue giving criticism for I believe from there growth and understanding can be achieved.

Best regards,

Hi Yan !

Pdf read. Interesting, but even worse : artist keeps only 40% of its ownership :slight_smile:
If it is a lifetime ownership even on successives sales and resales it could be fair.
If it is only on the first time sale and then he looses ownership it is less fair :slight_smile:

I’m in Europe and devs I know are all mostly busy fulltime. I’m sys admin and dev and I bought a server to run a Cardano node in hosting@home and hadn’t time to install it yet !!
I wonder if it is interesting or not to operate a node as we already have plenty of nicely working and operating nodes.
Strategy of Cardano was décentralisation but with only 1000 nodes needed to operate worldwide it will lead to a certain centralisation of a few pool operators.
In my mind I was more thinking to many more nodes to have résiliency of the network and true peer to peer opération of the network. It is not the trend it takes.

I still look with a lot of attention Cardano projects as they are the most mature platform.
But with strong power strong duties :slight_smile:
It could be tempting for Cardano to privilege short term results rather than their long term commitment on building a platform that can replaces FIAT and bring prosperity to all and not a few :slight_smile:

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Hello Christ46!

Spot on! The intent was indeed giving the artist capability to choose their ownership to be lifetime. (Please do take note as prior, the numbers are not fixed parameters, it will always be a result of a discussion) But with lifetime ownership, the concept became complicated and questions appeared, such as :

  • If the artist owns a lifetime ownership, for example, the next sale happens 20 years later than what’s the point of having fractional ownership if the artist can’t enjoy it in their lifetime? That’s why the current blockchain developer I’m in communication with introduced a concept called Harberger Tax. Then the proposal continued to develop from there. Can’t fully disclosed all that have transpired without his permission, but as I mentioned this proposal has been properly dissected by him

  • Then there’s the issue of how will the technology handle successive sales and resale? Soo many great questions and ideas have been fleshed out. The revised proposal that he had in mind I genuinely believe will be something exciting and makes sense for the Cardano blockchain community

Falling back to my initial pitch, “market-driven, government branch supported and initiated by key players” would be where I could most contribute. For as I mentioned I am 100% open to any form of background check of my statement and people involved. Interest on my side is genuinely there, I would only a need a dedicated and like-minded person to materialize this.

I will not pretend to technologically fully understand your conversation regarding nodes and it’s caveats, but I can relate perhaps on a more general scale and based on as-is information provided on the net and if I recall correctly by IOHK. To my understanding, Cardano nodes are based on a system that prevents centralization. It limits the benefits of a node, therefore preventing the creation of a super node. With that concept in mind, came my idea of creating a node from the art platform in my proposal. Pardon though for I cannot share the details regarding this. Regarding your insight of Cardano limiting their nodes at 1000 is something new, which I thank you and will do further studies.

I personally believe the people of and behind Cardano will not prioritize short term results but perhaps there should be a healthy mix between short-term results and long-term goals but must always be legal and ethical. If you haven’t followed Charles Hoskinson YouTube channel, please do for there are many interesting updates to come.

Thank you though for sharing the info regarding your developer colleagues and your continuous input. Many success to you and may Cardano truly become what it intends to be.

Best regards,