Seeking support | Scammed life savings

I am so embarrassed, I lost my life savings to the youtube doubling scam, 80545 ADA you can see here:

I recently had the death of a loved one, and was vulnerable to taking on too much risk in crypto and distracting myself. In a moment of weakness I fell for something so stupid, but it seemed plausible and urgent given all the gimmick promotions on coinbase and airdrops I heard about on other projects. In the time since it happened I have been filled with shame and anxiety sleepless nights thinking about the years it will take to regain it. The whole thing happened in less than 5 minutes and wrecked my financial future.

[edited by @napoles]

Hello, @moneycrab

I am very sorry this happened. Unfortunately bad actors exist and they do a lot of damage. However, I hope you understand that this is not the right place to make a request like yours.

This is the second topic you write on this matter, I kindly ask you to stop.

Best regards,