Selling around 1$?

I want to know if there is many people planing to sell at 1$
Because i will sell a fraction at around 1€ to be in a free position.maybe 1/10
I might put a stoploss if we go above and follow price up.

Yup, 10-20% around ATH. Use half of that to buy on the retracement, keep half and buy some silver with that.

IMO it won´t go to 1 USD in the next 2-3 years … don´t stress too much about selling.

Rather look for ways how you may support the Ecosystem to flourish.

IMO people worry a lot about the price, when to buy, when to sell … just hold and invest the energy into some Community work for Cardano or anything that you enjoy.


That is really good advice bercinho. Its all about community building now

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Would easily sell at that price and act on retracement. I expect it to hit 1 this year. Just my opinion. This is not financial advice.

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I dont know when it will go that high. However, if we look at CMC, ETH is at $146 and 15.4B. If side chains and smart contracts go live even late Q3, then there is a chance for the value to be up around 15B (roughly .55). If the market recovers a little from here, I dont think it is obsurd to think that there could be a $300 ETH and a $1.10 ADA.

It is a possibility, but your take on this is probably the safest and most beneficial to the community as a whole.

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Ok.For me i think its good to release coins on the way up so that everybody can have some .Distributing among newcomers.Also this is part of my plan to get in a total risk free position.
So thats why im gona sell around 1/10 of my position above 1€.
The next step is more far away.But then i have time until price reaches my goal.
And yes price is important to me and many others (specialy in the trading section) and reflects the success of the project.

true. though i think most don’t understand the ramifications of “HODL”

for a currency to flourish, it needs liquidity.

so i suppose sort of inline with what @bercinho was suggesting community focus - i’d add on to that, you can do the community a whole lot of good by purchasing and accepting crypto.

most people think of stuff from a trading standpoint which actually doesn’t add much value. comparative to having more people exchanging their productive value in/of products and service.

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If we would have an ADA Debit Card, I would transfer considerable part of my monthly fiat income to it (following exchange) and pay most of my expanses with it.

I agree that eventually using the currency is the best you can do.

But I think you got my point what I meant with holding. Don’t stress on the price, it consumes energy and you can’t influence it.

Until all the Altcoins are so tightly coupled with BTC, it’s gonna be hard to differentiate. I am not even sure if Shelley release would change too much on the price (maybe 50% max), unless it comes with the benefit of being added to Coinbase and having massive media buzz around it.


Yes debit card would be great and would make it much more easy to use crypto .And i remember back in dec2017 when i first got my atention on cardano debit card was a reason why i liked the project and choose to invest.
And yes talking about price again:
Debit card is a event that can easy triple price as we saw with tenx.
POS is an event that may have an big impact in price.Speacialy in a so wide spread (across multiple exchanges) and known crypto as Cardano.Also it will be decentralized oposed to one or two big names i have in mind that do or will do POS.

As payment with an light wallet on mobile phone i think from a technologycal standpoint we are not ready.Transactions must be instant with low fees: imagine everybody queing on a market because transactions are so slow.On web schops thats easyer.
And also adoption must be higher for payments to be succesfull.
Now as the buble is over its a god time to make promotion for crypto because people investing now will be happy with theyr investment.Oposed to people that got wrecked in the bear marked.

When it does get to that level I might consider cashing in staking rewards and in the long term anticipate moving some funds in and out depending upon the market cycle.

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Thank you for the financial advice.

Nothing here is financial advice its just some thoughts and opinions.And i wanted to share my plans and see if there is likeminded people.
My strategie is to sell in parts on set goals at the way up.
I follow a plan and stick to it.

Yea you would think that simple statements just can’t be opinions but there are people seeking an angle to blame someone else for their losses. Pretty damn sad if you ask me. If you cant accept a loss, including a loss of everything, dont trade. A simple statement absolves those issue.

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Debit card has no compelling reason except to those who are unbanked in third world countries. What benefit would Ada as a debit card when compared to a bank issued card.

  1. Possibly transfer money abroad with low fees but this would have to likely be done through a wallet and not a card. Besides that, what other things?

Bank issued advantages:

  1. 24 hour customer support
  2. Ability to dispute fraudulent transactions
  3. Ability to have a lost card replaced
  4. Non need for a second card in case the first is lost for recovery of funds
  5. Backed by more participating locations
  6. Accepted by most banks

The Ada card provides almost none of these. The exception may be card replacement. But thats probably at a cost. I’ve never paid for a lost ATM debit card. There is no compelling reason for adoption. The card is basically something to have only because it is new.


The bigest advantage of cards in crypto is easy usage.And yes its hype ,but it most probably will increase price of the crypto that issues a card.
The bigest disadvantage might be fees.

I’d really only be a fan of a debit if it was linked directly to my Daedalus or Yoroi wallet. If not, then I don’t understand the benefit. If it’s a Visa/MC driven payment option, then “paying with crypto” serves no benefit. The advantages of cryptocurrencies is that they are cheaper and are not censored. Neither of these advantages would apply if you’re using a Visa branded card.


Ease of use? Which coin are you using? Here is a test on ease of use. Tonight, shut off you computer. In the morning, time yourself from the moment you launch Daedalus, to send money from yourself to another wallet (your own if you have one). Record the time. Then, go to your online banking and transfer money from one account to another. Record the time. Then report which is faster. Then take your debit card and make a witrhdrawl. I’m sure you’ll find ease of use lies with a bank issued atm debit card.

I would bet you’ve used your debit card more times in the last month than you have used either Daedalus or Yoroi. Once a DEX becomes available, maybe this will be an included option but the separation is needed. Otherwise you’d have a bunch of people crying that they didnt purchase the crypto when the price drops. Any Credit or Debit card issuer that allows such to occur where there is no centrally existing entity is a group of idiots waiting to lose money.