Sending from Nami to another Nami and the funds/tokens ended up elswhere

I was sending a small amount of ada and a few tokens from one Nami wallet to another Nami wallet and the transaction didn’t go through. I checked with and it showed that the items went to a different wallet, with a short address, and when I look it up it says that “The address does not contain any stake key”. I look up the address on and everything is there.
What the heck did I do? or was there a glitch.
Any help appreciated.

If you are sure you pasted the correct address, than probably your computer is compromised. You should check the computer.
I would not use the wallet anymore on that computer before knowing it is clean. In fact, I would restore the wallet on another computer and send all the funds immediately to another wallet (with a test with a small amount before, just like you did now). Check the destination address multiple times before approving the transaction.
And buy a hardware wallet, you will be safer with it.