Sending Pledge to External Wallet Issue

I’m about to retire our stake pool, so I’m trying to transfer the funds that was on our stake pool wallet. I followed Coincashew guide 18.9 - it used to work before, but rn i have no idea if it’s processing the transaction or what as nothing is happening after the transaction has been submitted successfully. I’ve also tried to query utxo the wallet, it has no TxIx. Any idea what’s happening or where to look for errors and stuff?


I think it’s because of congestion and the transactions are processed with delay

Be patient and check in 20-30 min on (ur ticker) …

If not create another transaction, set a higher ttl (to expire in few hours) and try to submit again


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Hi Alex, I don’t see the transaction there. I’ve been trying since few days ago, it just says ‘Transaction Submitted Successfully’ but I don’t think it’s being sent for queue. Any way around it like use my keys to set it up on daedalus?

Nope, u will need to retire the pool from cli node, set a higher ttl and try again

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Will do thanks!

ok, actually right now u are trying to move the pledge… so if the pledge wallet is a normal CLI wallet and not imported one then yeah… u must perform the transaction only from CLI