Sending to unstaked/bogus-staked payment address

Hi everyone,

Of course Yoroi accepts payment addresses generated by Yoroi itself for sending Ada.

These addresses seem to always include the staking address though (last 56 characters of the underlying base16 cbor address).

A DApp could potentially cut the staking address off of the payment address to enhance privacy. However Yoroi currently doesn’t allow using such a (shorter) address.

So I guess it is best to use a bogus staking address for that (so cut off the original staking address, and append the bogus staking address), and my question is:

If the payment address’ receiving wallet is also a Yoroi wallet, but the staking address part is bogus, will Yoroi be able to see that transaction, and not be confused?

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I answered my own question by doing a little intrawallet test.

Yoroi sees the transaction, correctly sums the resulting wallet balance, and correctly sums the resulting staking balance (which is now lower).

The Yoroi dashboard even offers to make a transaction of those funds to a correctly delegated address. (It failed due to insufficient funds, but I think this will likely work if enough funds are wrongly delegated.)