Yoroi in Trezor Redirect Address on Sending

I have an ADA Yoroi wallet in my Trezor-T with the entire balance staked to an approved SundaeSwap scooper staking pool.
Yesterday, I tried to send 2. ADA to another empty Yoroi wallet (not in my Trezor no stakes) as a routine test.
I signed the transaction with my passphrase and all was OK showing the correct receive address of my other wallet, on my Trezor-T. Then I got another message on my Trezor-T…“Change address stake credentials is a key hash. addr_vkh…(a long hash)
I approved the green check on my screen then got…” Change address payment credential is a path m/1852…(a long hash)
I then checked the green check on my Trezor and the next screen message said, "Change amount to 900 ADA to addr1…(a different unknown receive address than my other Yoroi wallet).
At this point I pulled the plug ending the transaction of sending 2 ADA to my other empty Yoroi wallet.
I still have my total wallet staked balance intact but am afraid to try sending any ADA.

The Trezor is not changing anything, but it is talking about the address the change of the transaction should go to.

Every Cardano transaction from your wallet takes the output of a previous transaction to your wallet and spends it completely. There is no other way. So, if you want to send 2 ADA, but up to now only had one incoming transaction of 900 ADA, your wallet app will build a transaction, where you spend the 900 ADA completely by sending 2 ADA out and 898 ADA of change back to another address in your own wallet (the 898 ADA output to your wallet can then be the input of one of the next transactions).

So, the address the Trezor shows you should be an address of your own sending wallet. Yoroi will select the first unused one shown in “Receive” – “Base” – “Internal”.

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