how to send block heights to

For our stake-pool whe want to send block height to
what must whe do with the ?

With linux you can use crontab to run the script every minute, if you google this you will surely find a good description of how it works.

thank you i go do that. i already stuck on how do i download the file.
must i copy the raw text and save it and then with nano edit the file or what is the way to do this

I just implemented in my restart script, runs every 90 sec.

I tried running for my stake pool. I just ran the scripts for it and have submitted my pull request to the Cardano Foundation’s incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry. The pull request is still pending.

I am getting the error
{"success":false,"error":"please claim ownership of this pool before submitting tips for it(3)"}

Is this because my pull request is still awaiting review?

Can you see your pool on


you have to log into after that you have to search for your stakepool in the list and mark it with the start symbol and claim it. after that you should see a successful delivery message.

but has nothing to do processing your pull request. while you’re waiting you can search in with your node-id.

ciao martin

Thanks. Did that. Waiting for jormungandr to sync again so I can ‘send the tip’. Then if it works I’ll add the script to the crontab.

or you can use: disown -h &1
and look for pid nr with the line: ps -e

then you can

SIGSTOP will suspend the process and SIGCONT will resume the process, in background

You can also do ./ & right from the get go. Or when it is running in the foreground press CTRL-Z and type bg immediately after you get your prompt back…

Wait just realized the script runs as a one-off not as a daemon. Makes more sense to run it periodically then, right? Hence use cron or daemonize it yourself with a quick script or however you prefer.

@bluesky did you set up the script to run periodically?

Call the script using nohup, (“no hangup”), and redirect the output to /dev/null. The script will report our lastBlockHeight to

nohup watch -n 75 ~/files/ >> /dev/null 2>&1

Suspend the script


Note the job number (in square brackets)


Restart the script in the backgroundps -e


disown -h &1

ps -e
look for PID watch
SIGSTOP will suspend the process and SIGCONT will resume the process, in background

@bluesky I claimed the pool.