Setting Up a Cardano Wallet: GeroWallet

GeroWallet, named after Gerolamo Cardano, aims to become a top Cardano wallet for security, accessibility, and innovation. Here’s how to get started with GeroWallet.

GeroWallet is a non-custodial Cardano light wallet, meaning it’s in your control and not under someone else’s custody. Unlike desktop or hardware wallets, Gero is a light wallet that lives in your browser or phone app for easy access.

A Cardano wallet serves as a window to view, withdraw, deposit, or transfer your digital assets, like ada. You can access your assets through any Cardano wallet using your seed phrase. So, even if you already have a Cardano wallet, you can still use Gero if you like.

To install GeroWallet, go to on Chrome or download the app from your phone’s app store. On the first page, choose your language. Then, select “Import an Account” if you have a Cardano seed phrase, or “Create a GeroWallet” if you’re setting up a new wallet.

Creating a GeroWallet requires creating a password and accepting the terms of service. Remember, non-custodial wallets mean you have full control, but also a higher responsibility to secure your password.

Next, you’ll see your secret backup phrase, also known as your seed phrase. Write it down twice and keep the copies in different safe locations. After confirming your seed phrase, name your wallet and pick a color for its cover. Review the information and click “All Done.”

Your Cardano wallet now allows you to participate in the Cardano economy, earn rewards, buy and sell NFTs, and more. As time goes on, your wallet will have even more capabilities.

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