Shaping Cardano's Future: The Cardano Foundation's Governance Commitment

The Cardano Foundation is actively participating in the upcoming Cardano Ballot event and will vote YES with one wallet of 11,429,000 ada. We invite the community to join us, actively shaping Cardano’s decentralized governance by casting your votes. Your engagement is crucial to our collective progress.

Rationale for Voting Yes

The Cardano Foundation supports the minimal viable on-chain governance model as described in CIP-1694, as it aligns with our vision of a community-driven, transparent, and secure governance model. We view this approach as essential for empowering the community and ensuring the long-term evolution and success of the Cardano network.

How to Participate

To participate, ensure you have a browser extension wallet (software wallet) supporting CIP-30 and a minimum of one lovelace staked before Nov 21st.

The snapshot is on Nov 21st at 21:44 UTC. If the majority of your ada is in a hardware wallet, you can move a small amount to enable participation. Participants in the voting process are also encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions through a comment box. Next year, a new poll will include hardware wallet support.

The ballot analyzes both stake and participating wallets. Share your thoughts through the feedback form; your comments shape future ballots.

Visit and cast your vote. Let’s shape the future of Cardano together!