Shelley command failed when creating tx.tmp

Hi, I am using the CoinCashew guide. When I get to the step after " Copy deleg.cert to your hot environment ", it fails at the Run the build-raw transaction command with this error:

Shelley command failed: transaction build-raw Error: Transaction validaton error: Negative quantity (-497177469) in transaction output: TxOut

I’m wondering if it has to do with the balance not be up-to-date:

**Find your balance and UTXOs → earlier I had sent in 5 ADA from my Yoroi wallet and this is accurate for that amount minus the registration fee. I transferred in my pledge amount before the above steps and despite over 1000 confirmations and showing up as confirmed in my Daedalus wallet, the “Find your balance” command does not show the updated amount.

Is that is what is causing the build-raw transaction command to fail? About a day or two past from when I signed tx in steps above that and when transaction build-raw failed; would that be an issue too?

Thanks for the help!


because that step need to 500 ADAs.
txOut means a your balance.
497177469 Lovelace equals to 497.177469 ADA.

Thanks. At least I know now why it thinks it should fail.

I have over 1000 ADA in the address that I used to pay the certificate registration. It is not updating for the 1000 ADA that I added. It still shows the 5 ADA minus the fee. Which leaves around 2.3 ADA, hence the -497 approx ADA above that it is short.

Do you see the funds if you run this command from the guide?:

cardano-cli query utxo \
--address $(cat payment.addr) \
--mary-era \

If not, is the node fully synced? :slight_smile:

Good thought! My node had been fully synced, but I should check that it is still running and synced. Thanks! I’ll do that tonight.

Try that :slight_smile:
Also check what you have assigned as total_balance in the terminal, as in the guide you are calculating the sums and assigning them to variables to be used in the next step. If you forget a step or forget to reassign the total_balance between building your transactions it might have an old value. Good luck!

Thanks so much, Freja! I had two problems which I’ll address here that led to building transaction step to fail.

Issue 1) You were right that my node was not fully synced. I must have stopped it at some point and not properly restarted it. I let that sync and then tried the command to see the funds again. Again it wasn’t updating. This is when I came across Issue 2.

Issue 2) The second time I added funds I just used one of the receive addresses on Daedalus rather than using the specific address in payment.addr. Once I funded it via that address, the funds show up! The building the transaction step that failed last time now works.


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The issue I’m having now is that the amount that I sent to payment.addr (2500 ADA) is way more than the 100 ADA pledge that I currently have. However, adapools and pooltool both show that my pledge is not met. Do I have to wait a few hours or an epoch?

I did some stalking and found your pool, it looks like the addresses associated with the stake are not funded. They seem to have been funded at some point but now they are all at 0 ADA.

Take a look in cardanoscan and see if you recognise the addresses and transactions when you press “view all addresses” at the stake row. Is your funded address there?

I’ve moved the rest of this discussion to Declared Pledge Not Met in PoolTool since the rest of that post is more applicable.

Appreciate the help, Freja.

Hi Scottk,
I came across while searching for solution. I am having the same issue that you had while back
transaction build-raw Error: Transaction validaton error: Negative quantity (-2178701) in transaction output:… Can you please shade some light. And If i need to make deposit for the pool reg how can I do it from Daedalus and still show. Thank you