Shelley Testnet introduction webpage now live

Please visit here!


is it useful to act as a testnode even if my pc is online only for about some hours a day?

and another question: is there a tutorial Video for setting up a Windows testnode as well?

Nice copy on that page.

No, it’s not!
You have to be online 24/24!

Yes, visit the testnet website Nd you will find all the info

Because the network is not yet functional, it is not useful to anyone besides yourself, except if you feed back your experience with it to the community. Later, nodes will be required to be online 24/7. There is no Windows version, Linux only now, and I expect for a long time to come.

I may be wrong but I think there is a version for Mac and windows too!

Yes, I was confused by the fact that Linux skills seem to be a requirement.

Indeed it was mentioned!

On the link above there is a video explaining the process on Linux. Part of that process is generating a config files using linux shell scripts. If you generate the config files, you can then use them on Windows if you update the paths.

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Can anybody tell me what functional requirements some cloud server must have, to run a testnet shelley server on it? Preinstalled frameworks aso.

of course