Shelley testnet help

what are the commands for help thay are not working on windows 10

I’ve moved this to the testnet category. Happy testing! :slight_smile:

I would suggest to first watch a How To on youtube how the self node is installed, and work from there to run a network node. You need to install a few programs to make everything run and the commands to work.

Could you advise where to check this youtubee videos how to install testnet and which are those programs that we have to install in order testnet to work well?

I have watch all the videos. I develope websites and apps just not great on the programs here. feedback note the windows install tell you how to do it but the youtube videos are totally different install not windows subsystem but ubuntu? the windows instructions give .exe files do they not execute in windows to a gui?

No they do not, people who are not comfortable using the command line should probably not be attempting this. See here:


Just type "Cardano shelley testnet windows"and select the fist or second video, just do excacly what the guy in the video is doing. Only difference are the software versions. This is for the self-node not the network node.

If you got the self-node running, try the network node. But that’s a bit trickier.

And what @RobJF is saying, you need a bit experience with command line work.
I got it working (not on the first try may I add) with little experience, but I am pretty technical.

Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue: