Shelly mainnet wallet, no tabs for send/receive?

I finally got the right daedalus installed and wallet created but the only tabs available are summary, transactions, more. In other daedalus wallets there was a send and recieve tab. They are no longer there for me

what do I do? I have reinstalled, restarted etc…


it depends on the wallet type. The old Byron wallets (marked with a red “Byron” flag) need to be converted. Please see our extensive FAQ for more details on that: The Shelley hard fork: all you need to know (section: WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?)

Please also make sure to have a look at the Staking for beginners—A step-by-step guide

Hello, i ran into the same problem. The moment you open up the new daedalus wallet it will pop up a red window which tells you to create a new shelly compatible wallet. After you created that shelly wallet one button will change to “transfer funds to new shelly wallet” you, then simply have to press the button and everything will be done automatically.

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I’m only adding this info incase anyone else who uses Kraken stumbles upon this.

So far Kraken is blaming Daedalus, they are saying they support the new hardfork and the new shelly addr addresses. They are saying the addresses daedalus is auto generating are wrong somehow.

Daedalus says its Krakens fault, they don’t support the new addresses for shelly wallets, and they are trying to get a hold of kraken.

As to whats really going on, seems no one has any idea.

This seems to be posted in the wrong thread, probably best to delete here and add there. Quite an important topic IMO. (Except Daedalus is the software name, not a company or group of people.)

I have the same problem!
The “end” and “receive” tabs" are not displayed in my wallet.

This question is answered above, you can’t send or receive using Byron wallet on Shelley network.

Thanks for the tip. But I am still not get it!

I went through all the information in the links provided and my question is not addressed there at all. Everything gravitates around the stake pools and hard fork. There is an explanation for those how hold ADA before Shelley which is not my case.

I found the passage below to be of some usage, but i do not know how should I do it!

“Your existing ada funds will remain in your wallets. Those wallets will be marked as ‘legacy’ Byron wallets so you will need to create a new Shelley wallet and just move all of the funds there.”


“The Daedalus user interface will guide you to do this using the migration feature.”

How? I am failing to find the guidance…

Should I create a new wallet?

Yes, you need to create a Shelley wallet and transfer your funds to it. Daedalus prompts you to do this when it first comes up. @phil443 already explained this above.

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My receive tab is not showing in version 4.0.3#17433 that I just downloaded from the Cardano site yesterday, and I waited for the chain to be fully synced btw.

FYI, I was previously using the old wallet 0.12.01 and that wallet is still installed on my PC.
I was able to restore the new wallet with my seed phrase. The balance of my tokens do show in this new wallet version but the receive tab is missing!

This new 4.0.3#17433 wallet is showing the Byron version for some reason. I didn’t receive a prompt to create a Shelly Wallet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Update: I created a new Shelly wallet but I still get no prompt to update and move my tokens to the new Shelly wallet