Should I Claim my rewards?

Hello all.

It might sound like a silly question but should I Claim my rewards in order to also receive interest on them?
for example, let us assume I stake 10K and receive exactly 5% annual interest. after one year I would have 10000 + 500 = 10500.
what will happen in the following year? will I receive 5% out of 10500 (525) or 5% out of 10000 (500)?

Thanks for your reply.

Nope you dont have to claim your rewards if you dont want to spend them.

You are getting rewards while they are “unclaimed”.


Follow up question: When should I claim my rewards?

As rewards are coming with a slight delay, do I need to claim rewards if I for example change staking pool? And what happens if I don’t “ever” claim the rewards but keep HODLing and changing staking pools and so on? Do rewards accumulate on same “bucket” and thus could be claimed at once or do they need to be claimed pool by pool?

only if you want to spend them.


Your unclaimed rewards are also delegated to the new pool.

It doesnt matter where you delegated your funds. The rewards are always in the same reward address. Means you dont have to claim your rewards for each pool if you delegated your funds to different pools.


Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate your contribution to the community. Always helping, superb job!

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