Should I wait to be able to create my DAO in the Cardano space?


I have been following the DAO stuff since the beginning (and the first failure) but now I am getting closer to one of my use cases actually needing a structure. Up until recently I was going to use the Aragon environment but there have been issues there recently . .

Am I being too optimistic to hope that I might be able to set up a DAO in the Cardano space within months (ie NOT years)?

I’d say yes that’s too optimistic. The caveats are 1) I’m not sure where you define the end of “setting up” and 2) because I think it would take longer, in either case, that might be more of a reason to wait out for Cardano. I have no experience in the area, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I’m just basing this off of the fact that Catalyst has been running for months now, with many months (likely more) work done before hand and I still wouldn’t consider it completely set up.

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@Serotonin ,

Thanks for responding with that perspective - I was sort of guessing that might be the case . .

What is your use case and what compromises are you willing to make during the set-up phase?

We arguably already hava a DAO with Project Catalyst, which decides about the use of treasury funds. It does not yet have elected governing bodies and voting still takes place on a testnet, not in the main chain.

That said, there is a large, active community and the project is moving fast. In fact I believe that Cardano is underway to becoming a serious DAO platform because it aims to become a DAO itself. That is mainly why I am here.

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I have a few use cases - the largest one involves getting donations from fiat whales to pay for a research facility for my non-profit:

in exchange for a say in the development of the project.

The smallest and most immediate one is setting up a little co-op (NSW, Australia) business for a few people - to begin with selling Raspberry Pi black box devices. This would be a convenient operation to start in basic mode and grow in sophistication as the sales and the organisation grew. I would like to create a DAO that is compliant with the NSW legislation for a co-op.

Ah interesting - I will have a closer look at that - do you think that I should put in a proposal?

Yes, that is a big reason why I am here too . .

I don’t really know if I am going about this in a sensible way but I have submitted this:

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