Shut down node with Tx pending

I am sending transactions using cardano-wallet, and I am curious what happens with a pending transaction, on my node, when i shut my node down? Will it try to resend when i start it again? Is it possible it gets through to the blockchain? I am assuming my node is pushing it, so if i shut it down, it will be like cancelling it without removing the funds from my wallet?

if the node didn’t sent the transaction before to shutdown, then the transaction will not be processed.


Is there a way to see the pending TXs that are going to send out?

Yea I can see the pending tx. I was just wondering if my node shuts down if it will continue to try to send when starting up, but now that I think of it the ttl would probably cause it to expire.

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True, it would probably die by the time it was brought back up. Might be good to start a cache of transactions that need to be complete somewhere and updated on successful submit.

I was curious more so how one can see the pending TXs. Is there a command for that?

Using the API you can get the transaction endpoint.


This returns a Json that has transaction status.