Sidney Vollmer and David Taylor Strengthen the Cardano Foundation’s Communications and Marketing Functions

Sidney Vollmer and David Taylor Strengthen the Cardano Foundation’s Communications and Marketing Functions


The Cardano Foundation is delighted to announce that Sidney Vollmer and David Taylor will join the Cardano Foundation’s PR & Communications and Marketing teams, strengthening our capabilities ahead of a key time for Cardano’s smart contract and enterprise capabilities.

As we march forward into 2021, the Cardano landscape has been rapidly changing to reflect the readiness of the Cardano protocol, and the widespread adoption of blockchain as a technology. As a result, the Cardano Foundation has been closely examining the ways in which we support the Cardano ecosystem—prompting us to reevaluate our markets and growth strategy.

We will soon reveal the details of our wider markets and growth strategy. But first, let’s discover how Sidney and David will contribute to the Cardano ecosystem!

About Sidney Vollmer

Sidney joins the Cardano Foundation as Head of Brand and Communications, based just outside of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A digital communications innovator, Sidney has led highly-impactful campaigns for a variety of projects, from Ikea to Hyundai and multiple other companies and initiatives in between.

Sidney graduated with an MA degree in Media Studies and Philosophy from Utrecht University. He has been both a filmmaker and an advertising creative during his career, and he has also published three books. Sidney used the first lockdown to familiarise himself with capital asset management.

As Head of Brand & Communications, Sidney will steward the brand of the Cardano Foundation and, together with the rest of the team, increase Cardano’s share of voice and align activities across Cardano’s various communication channels. Welcome to the team Sidney!

About David Taylor

David Taylor joins the Cardano Foundation from the United Kingdom. A seasoned purpose-driven marketing professional, David will lead the Cardano Foundation’s awareness campaigns, marketing efforts, and growth strategies.

David has led transformational marketing campaigns for companies such as Microsoft and Cisco, and holds mentoring roles with Virgin Startup, Serious Impact UK, and Startup Kitchen. David is also a founder at GROW, a startup marketing agency in London that is dedicated to helping the most innovative city-based companies accelerate their marketing efforts.

We look forward to welcoming David to the team, and we are sure he will make a fantastic addition to the Cardano Foundation!

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welcome to Sidney and David, wish you the best for this new adventure!

Also a big thanks to Bakyt and Thiago, in my time as Cardano Ambassador they were always helpful and kind to me, thanks for your work!


A big and warm welcome to Sidney and David! Nice to have you here in our community/family!


Thanks guys. Sure I speak for both David and me to say I’m thrilled to be here and look forward to adding as much value as I can to Cardano.


Welcome @Sidney and David. Glad to have you guys in Cardano Community :coffee:

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