Sign off Yoroi wallet

Is the only way to log out the Yoroi wallet is to delete the wallet?

Hey and welcome back @Siglad

As far as i know there is currently no other option available. Anyway to make a transaction you still need the spending password or the hardware wallet if you use one.


Thank you…

I have the options on iphone app


Do you have to remove it, to be safe?

nope, each time when I open it ask me for a password (or u can choose fingerprint)
I never deleted the app since I have it (almost 2 years)

PS: still need to enter the spending password if you wanna make transactions…

That’s the problem, it doesn’t ask for the password, the window is just open with the balance …

are u talking about yoroi browser extension right?

yes. I down loaded and the icon is on the top right, I click on it , and the window opens showing my coins

for yoroi chrome there is no logout option. just go to settings and from there you can select “Remove Wallet” which will remove whatever wallet you have selected at the moment.

but if you really want to see a password, maybe you can configure the chrome to ask for a password when you open it

The LockPW is an extension for Chrome that allows you to set up password and prompts you to enter the password whenever you open the browser. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “LockPW” under the extensions . Click the “Add to Chrome ” button on the extension to install it on your browser.

Perfect ! Thank you.