Yoroi on Brave chromium - logout?

Metamask for ETH can logout, so user account not constantly known to host.

I noticed Yoroi does not have this feature, and once logged in, it seems you are in to stay.

Am I missing something? Can one be logged-out? Or are updateable addresses enough to retain privacy?

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I just looked at my Yoroi wallet and I don’t see a logout option.

Thanks for the feedback. Do you think this a missing feature, or am I missing something?

I think a Log out button like the on MetaMask should be a Yoroi wallet feature request.



I also seem to currently be unable to switch accounts. Is it possible to get back to the seed phrase option?

If Brave browser supports multiple profiles like Chrome, then do this workaround: Does Yoroi support multiple wallets?, otherwise save the seed and delete the wallet so you can create a new one.

I can’t find a reference, but I remember something about planned account support in Yoroi. @vantuz-subhuman, can you confirm?


Great bit of information. Confirms I didn’t miss it. Thanks for you post

Yes, we are thinking and generally want to add multiple accounts and log-in/log-out support for Yoroi, but it’s still in the design stage where we are thinking carefully about how it should look and how to be used, so that we make it as right as possible :slight_smile:


Meantime, in the near future there is this feature of “lock screen” that should be added fairly soon - https://github.com/Emurgo/yoroi-frontend/issues/148

It will allow users to lock Yoroi with a pin-code so that nobody else will be able to even see the wallet information.


Ok. Thanks for the reply. Good to know

I too would like to see a logout button for the yoroi chrome extension.

I spent almost half an hour with no success trying to figure out where I can find the logout option/button until I learned that it doesn’t really have that feature. But I would say this wallet is a great tool if you want to have a quick access to you funds.

Yoroi doesn’t inject Javascript into every page you visit which is why we don’t have a logout button. The logout button is equivalent to just closing the Yoroi tab. You can take it a step further if you want an disable the extension in the Chrome extension page and re-enable it whenever you want to use Yoroi.


I’m following @SebastienGllmt’s Yoroi team on Github - yoroi-frontend and I also will sometimes watch their team meetings on YouTube- Yoroi Developer Meetings Playlist. They are doing a great job. The are focused on the experience across multiple platforms which isn’t always easy. They are doing all this in an agile and transparent method. Keep up the “work-out-loud” approach.

Anyone can create a Github account and create issues there for consideration and review by the team.


Thanks Sebastien for your reply. I believe you can only have one Yoroi account per chrome account, so no need for logout in that sense.

Hi there, despite this, I believe a logout button is pretty much essential. I’m running Yoroi under Chromium browser on Linux Mint. To access my wallet, all I do is start the browser, click on the Yoroi icon and I’m in - no requirement to enter a password at all.

My PC is protected by a login password, but once logged-in anyone can potentially access my Yoroi wallet simply by starting the browser and clicking on the Yoroi icon. Irrespective of how a PC security is set-up, this is a glaring security hole.

Am I missing something?



It’s a feature we’re actively looking into for the extension and that we already support for Yoroi mobile. We’re aware the workarounds we have for the extension are not ideal for all users.

Can any body tell me, if is safe not to log out of from Yoroi wallet?

The spending password is required to do anything, but I deactivate the extension when not actually using it, for additional security.

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