Slow syncing and connecting 4.0.5

I am using daedalus for ubuntu and i thought it would be much better than for macos. Turns out it is just as slow to connect as for ubuntu. Seems like this is a consistent problem. Had this problem on and off since 2.0. Anyone have suggestions for a fix? Can the devs help to focus on performance?

Try this one

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yes - just tried it on Mac yesterday and worked as well.

Thanks for sending this info (very detailed and helpful). So I found out my problem. I was using a iMac from 2009. I tried to keep it alive by installing Ubuntu on it. The is was running great but it was just lacking hardware power! Only 4 gb of memory. I saw on Daedalus it recommends 8.

Since I have made so much money off of ada :grinning: I figured spending some fiat on a new Mac pro was worth it. Daedalus ran perfect on it and all the networking connecting problems were gone.

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Hmm, good to know…
and yes, from download site the recommended size of the RAM is 8 GB: